Artist Spotlight: Seb Montaz

There is nothing more inspiring than watching an artist at work.

If you’ve seen any of his videos, you know that Seb Montaz is nothing short of brilliant.  I feel fortunate for the days spent observing his creative process while he shot Kilian and SJ.

Not only does he have visionary filming techniques, but the man has to be in incredible shape to keep with world class athletes in the mountains.  After long days filming, we squeezed in some ultimate frisbee and a little bouldering with my friend and equally talented filmmaker, Pete Mortimer, of Sender Films.

WATCH the videos he produced from his trip to Boulder by clicking on the screenshots below:

Disclaimer Part 1:  I can walk a slackline, I even know a few tricks, but this line was really long!

Disclaimer Part 2:  The only reason I’m riding b*tch on Jurker’s bike is because Kilian is riding mine. ; )


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